Thursday, 6 July 2017

Billing Procedures to Avoid Duplicate Payments


The hospital must install adequate billing procedures to avoid submission of duplicate claims. This includes duplicate claims for the same service and outpatient bills for nonphysician services considered included in the DRG for a related inpatient admission in the facility or in another hospital.

Where the hospital bills separately for nonphysician services provided to a patient either on the day before admission to a PPS hospital or during a patient's inpatient stay, the claim will be rejected by the A/B MAC (A) as a duplicate and the hospital may be subject to sanction penalties per §1128A of the Act.

Adjustment Bills
Adjustment bills are the most common mechanism for changing a previously accepted bill. They are required to reflect the results of A/B MAC (A)’s medical review. Adjustments may also be requested by CMS via CWF if it discovers that bills have been accepted and posted in error other than the omission of a charge. Adjustments may be initiated as a result of OIG and MSP requests. The A/B MAC (A) will ask the provider to submit an adjustment request for certain situations.

For hard copy Form CMS-1450 adjustment requests, the provider places the ICN/DCN of the original bill for Payer A, B, or C.

Where payment is handled through the cost reporting and settlement processes, the provider accumulates a log for those items not requiring an adjustment bill. For cost settlement, the A/B MAC (A) pays on the basis of the log. This log must include:

• Patient name; 
• HICN; 
• Dates of admission and discharge, or from and thru dates; 
• Adjustment in charges (broken out by ancillary or routine service); and 
• Any unique numbering or filing code necessary for the hospital to associate the adjustment charge with the original billing.

Providers in Maryland, which are not paid under PPS or cost reports, submit an adjustment bill for inpatient care of $500 or more, and keep a log as described above for lesser amounts. Because there are no adjustment bills, the A/B MAC (A) enters the payment amounts from the summary log into the PPS waiver simulation and annually pays the items on the log after the cost report is filed.

An original bill does not have to be accepted by CMS prior to making related adjustments to the provider. However, for all adjustments other than QIO adjustments (e.g., provider submitted and/or those the A/B MAC (A) initiates), the A/B MAC (A) submits an adjustment bill to CWF following its acceptance of the initial bill. 

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