Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Computer Programs Used to Support Prospective Payment System

Medicare Code Editor

The Medicare Code Editor (MCE) is a front-end software program that edits claims to detect incorrect billing data. The MCE addresses three basic types of edits which will support the DRG assignment. They include correct diagnosis and procedure coding, coverage, and clinical edits. 

Built into the MCE, which is the first portion of the Grouper program, are edits which reject incomplete or impossible codes. Claims submitted with valid diagnoses and valid diagnoses-surgical procedure combinations but are incorrect in that they do not represent the actual diagnosis or procedure, cannot be detected. The responsibility for accuracy rests with the hospital. However, a post claim approval review may be conducted by the A/B MACs (A), using medical records and the approved claim.

Grouper Program 
The Grouper program determines the DRG from data elements the hospital reported. It is used on all inpatient discharge/transfer bills received from both PPS and non-PPS facilities, including those from waiver States, long-term care hospitals, and excluded units.

Pricer Program 

The Pricer program determines the amount to pay under prospective payment. 

The Pricer program applies the DRG relative weights, hospital urban or rural and census division location, hospital specific data, and beneficiary hospital data from the bill to determine the amount payable for each PPS discharge bill.

Most hospitals should not need a Pricer program because only one rate per DRG applies unless the claim results in a cost outlier for a beneficiary who's benefits are exhausted during the stay. For those claims, the provider must identify the outlier threshold to properly bill covered days on an inpatient claim. See §20.7.4 below. Hospitals and hospital claims in multiple geographic areas may obtain a Pricer from

National Technical Institute 
U.S. Department of Commerce 
NTIS Springfield, 
VA 22161.

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